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  • October 26, 2019
  • Factors to Consider When Buying Hardwood Flooring.

    Hardwood flooring is a perfect way to showcase natures’ beauty in your home. Hardwood are of very different types. Species of hardwood in the world are very many. Due to these many species, a buyer has very many options to choose. Every type of hardwood has its distinct characteristics which may or may not be fit for you.

    Homeowners must make an important decision on the type of floor that they need. Hardwood floor is considered the best because of its qualities. Not all hardwood are the same. How a floor perform or look depends on some factors. Braird Brother is a perfect example of a company that produce and sell fine hardwood floor

    First, consider the floor type. When you want to buy a hardwood floor, you have two choices. There is solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Logs are milled to produce solid Harwood; these hardwood are usually very thick. Engineered wood, is made by plywood core surrounded by veneer layer. Because they do not buckle or wrap at high temperatures, engineered hardwood are most preferred. They are made such that they are able to accommodate humidity and temperature. Hardwood floor are sold by many by companies such as Baird Brother.

    The grain and the species of wood is important to consider. People should not only consider the type of the hardwood but also the grain and specie of the wood. The features of a hardwoods such as color and the grain pattern are determined by the species. These features of a wood adds sense of character to the floor.

    What finish that you would wish to use on your new floor is very crucial. The two main type of finish that are used in hardwood floor are oil and polyurethane finish. Oil finish penetrate the wood thus giving it a natural and soft feeling. Oil finish forms marks easily when it interact with a rough object but the marks are hard to notice. Oil finish are easy to maintain but maintenance is more frequent. Polyurethane finishes are expensive to do maintenance, however, the rarely get damaged. Consider your style of your house by choosing a floor that will go with the rest of the house. A hardwood that compliment your wall color, trim, cabinet and casing is the best.

    Lastly it is crucial to look at the overall cost of flooring. Budget should be kept in the mind since hardwood floor is a significant investment. Things that affect the cost your hardwood floor is floor types, wood species. The cost of installation, in addition cost half of the total cost.

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